Quick Facts - How Do I Buy a Car with No Credit?

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How To Buy A Car Without Credit
It isn’t necessary for each and every individual to own a credit score of their own. A credit score indicates the ability to pay up for credit bills on time without having to pay penalties for it. The payments are reflected on the score that makes it high when paid on time and low when there is no payment made or there is a delay in the payment. For several, there are no credit scores to their name as they do not have any credit bills to pay such as credit cards. A credit score is something that allows financial institutions to analyse the financial status of a person either seeking a loan or an insurance policy.

For those who do not have a credit and look out for answers to questions like how do I buy a car with no credit, a simple answer would be to approach banks physically and have a word with their representatives. Students or fresh graduates are the ones who are often seen not possessing and credit scores of their own and thus have the benefit of availing a car loan with discounts meant for students. They also get benefited when their parents have a good credit score. Whenever one comes about with a question like how to buy a car with no credit, the banks allow them to come up with documents such as proof of identity, proof of income (if any), credit scores of parents, etc. 

While people look out for answers to how to buy a car without credit, they are likely to avail discounts with their loan when there are other documents supporting the fact that they are financially stable to pay back the loan amount on time. When one ends their quest and gets thoughtful replies to how to get a car with no credit, they get to avail a credit report of their own where their timely repayments of the car loan would reflect on their score and help them in the days to come while approaching other financial institutions.

The Internet serves as the best place to allow people with solutions to where can I get a car loan with no credit. They can browse numerous banks and get to know their interest rates and accordingly choose the one that suits their needs. For further information on how to buy a car with no credit, one can log on to carloanfornocredit.com

Yes You Can - Can I Get Auto Loan Without Credit History?

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auto loan without credit history
Quite often it so happens that we want a car loan but since we do not have a credit history we are unable to get one. This can easily be interpreted as a classic scenario – one that has happened to so many of us that we have lost count and so often that some of us have just stopped caring about it at all. In such situations you could be forgiven for wondering how to finance a car without credit history. In some situations people often make the mistake of thinking that they may have to settle for a car that has already been used by someone, one that has been used to death per se.

They think that they will have to buy this on cash or accept terms and conditions that are going to be harsh for them, to put it mildly. For anyone who has a proper credit record such a situation would seem downright outrageous. Yet since they do not have a credit record they have no option but settle for it. If you know can I get auto loan without credit history it will always come in handy for you. You could be one such person as well.

The truth is quite far from it. Even without a credit record you should be able to get a car on loan that could be every bit as good as you may have imagined in your situation, or even more perhaps. Even after you take such a car loan you would have enough money to buy gas. These days, you can easily get auto loan without credit history. There are some steps that you can follow to get these loans.

get auto loan without credit history
The first thing that you need to do is get a credit report. It can be done from all the three major credit bureaus in the United States of America – Experian, Trans-Union, and Equifax. This will help you get a credit score as well. This will give you a proper idea of where you stand from a financial point of view. For more information on car loan companies for bad credit please visit Carloanfornocredit.com.

How to Build Your App Growth Strategy With AdMob And Firebase

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Making money from your app is a great feeling and we’re glad AdMob can help! But maybe you find yourself hopping out of AdMob to perform other activities like analyzing app analytics or refining your app code. We hear you. All this back and forth can be time-consuming. Discover how Firebase can be your single Android, iOS, and mobile web development platform for a unified experience.

Save time by linking your AdMob app to a Firebase project

If you already have an AdMob account, it’s easy to link your app to a Firebase project. Learn how to do this for both Android and iOS apps. Once linked, you can take advantage of other critical app services within Firebase including real-time storage, crash reporting, and authentication without spending time searching for and accessing these services elsewhere. It’s all right there for you to use!

Monetize smarter with Firebase Analytics

You could be earning more with more engaged and active users on your app. Firebase offers powerful analytics capabilities to help you make more intelligent monetization decisions. With Firebase insights on active users, demographics, and in-app purchase revenue, smarter monetization decisions can be made to show the right segment of users the most relevant ads. Use the “Audiences” feature in Firebase to define groups of users with common attributes and analyze in-app activity. By segmenting users, you can identify where you want to position and test specific ad formats for better revenue performance.

Help grow your users with Firebase

Firebase not only helps you build and monetize your app, but it also enables you to grow your audience with in-product notifications, dynamic links that behave across all device types, app indexing so that your app makes it to top search results, and more. It’s a complete solution with services across your app’s lifecycle.

Ready to start exploring Firebase?

Sign up for a Firebase account and link your AdMob app.
Posted by Ameeti Mishra, App Partnerships Specialist, AdMob.

A Great Way to Buy A Car Without Credit History - No Credit History Car Loan

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Without a proper credit history, it is actually tough to get credit for cars. Lenders mostly prefer to see whether you have borrowed money previously and can pay back the cash on time. But having no credit score never means that you have a bad credit score or it is almost impossible to get an auto loan. Car loan for no credit history can help people in this case to get their desired auto loans. Here are the things that you can do to get this type of auto loan:

no credit history auto loan

  1. Organize all your documents: Lenders will first look at your credit score to decide whether you are actually financially responsible or not. But in case you don’t have a credit score, then the lenders will examine some other factors before offering the auto loans for no credit history to check whether you are at risk or not. So, to prove your efficiency, put together all the documents like your past residencies history, employment history and utility receipts. All of these things can be helpful for the lenders to check how is your living situation, how perfectly you are maintaining jobs and whether you are paying bills on time or not.
  1. Try to develop your own credit score: It is never late to develop your own credit score. And being able to prove that you are capable of managing the money to lenders is actually worthy. So, you should sign up for some credit card, which can help you to establish your credit score. Besides, you should make all the payments on time and work with some lender, who can actually build credit through personal loans. A responsible and consistent use of credit will show the lenders that you are reliable enough.
  1. Get a cosigner: Although it is not possible to get a cosigner always, but getting a cosigner will help you to increase your chances of getting approval for no credit history car finance. Finding a cosigner will also make the lenders more confident about offering you a loan.
To get more information on guaranteed car loan, you can consider paying a visit to www.carloannocredit.com

Grpow Level up your gaming business with new innovations for apps

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Mobile games mean more than just fun. They mean business. Big business. According to App Annie, game developers should capture almost half of the $189B global market for in-app purchases and advertising by 20201.
Later today, at the Games Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, I look forward to sharing a series of new innovations across ad formats, monetization tools and measurement insights for apps.
  • New playable and video ad formats to get more people into your game
  • Integrations to help you create better monetization experiences 
  • Measurement tools that provide insights about how players are interacting with your game
Let more users try your game with a playable ad format
There’s no better way for a new user to experience your game than to actually play it. So today, we introduced playables, an interactive ad format in Universal App Campaigns that allows users to play a lightweight version of your game, right when they see it in any of the 1M+ apps in the Google Display Network.
Jam City’s playable ad for Cookie Jam
Playables help you get more qualified installs from users who tried your game in the ad and made the choice to download it for more play time. By attracting already-engaged users into your app, playables help you drive the long-term outcomes you care about — rounds played, levels beat, trophies won, purchases made and more.
"Jam City wants to put our games in the hands of more potential players as quickly as possible. Playables get new users into the game right from the ad, which we've found drives more engagement and long-term customer value." Josh Yguado, President & COO Jam City, maker of Panda Pop and Cookie Jam.
Playables will be available for developers through Universal App Campaigns in the coming months, and will be compatible with HTML5 creatives built through Google Web Designer or third-party agencies.
Improve the video experience with ads designed for mobile viewing
Most mobile video ad views on the Google Display Network are watched on devices held vertically2. This can create a poor experience when users encounter video ad creatives built for horizontal viewing.
Developers using Universal App Campaigns will soon be able to use an auto-flip feature that automatically orients your video ads to match the way users are holding their phones. If you upload a horizontal video creative in AdWords, we will automatically create a second, vertical version for you.

Cookie Jam horizontal video and vertical-optimized video created through auto-flip technology
The auto-flip feature uses Google's machine learning technology to identify the most important objects in every frame of your horizontal video creative. It then produces an optimized, vertical version of your video ad that highlights those important components of your original asset. Early tests show that click-through rates are about 20% higher on these dynamically-generated vertical videos than on horizontal video ads watched vertically3.
Unlock new business with rewarded video formats, and free, unlimited reporting
Developers have embraced AdMob's platform to mediate rewarded video ads as a way to let users watch ads in exchange for an in-app reward. Today, we are delighted to announce that we are bringing Google’s video app install advertising demand from AdWords to AdMob, significantly increasing rewarded demand available to developers. Advertisers that use Universal App Campaigns can seamlessly reach this engaged, game-playing audience using your existing video creatives.
We are also investing in better measurement tools for developers by bringing the power of Firebase Analytics to more game developers with a generally available C++ SDK and an SDK for Unity, a leading gaming engine.
C++ and Unity developers can now access Firebase Analytics for real-time player insights
With Firebase Analytics, C++ and Unity developers can now capture billions of daily events — like level completes and play time — to get more nuanced player insights and gain a deeper understanding of metrics like daily active users, average revenue per user and player lifetime value.
This is an exciting time to be a game developer. It’s been a privilege to meet so many of you at GDC 2017 and learn about the amazing games that you’re all building. We hope the innovations we announced today help you grow long-term gaming businesses and we look forward to continuing on this journey with you.
Until next year, GDC!
Posted by: Sissie Hsiao, Product Director, Mobile Advertising, Google
Last played Fire Emblem Heroes for Android
1 - App Monetization Report, November 2016, App Annie
2 - More than 80% of video ad views in mobile apps on the Google Display Network are from devices held vertically video, Google Internal Data
3 - Google Internal Data

Get your ads ready On Your iPhone X

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Every interaction a user has with your app matters. That’s why we’re constantly evolving our advertising recommendations and policies to ensure that no matter where and on what device users are engaging with your apps, they have good experiences.

With the launch of the iPhone X, app developers now need to plan for new design considerations as the rounded corners, notch, and home screen indicator on the extended screen can obscure content and lead to poor ad experiences for users when ads are placed in these areas.

Example of ad appearing outside of “safe area” on iPhone X
That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you adapt your ad strategy for iPhone X. This includes guidance for how you can shift placement of banner or native ads to designated “safe areas” for this new device.

We’ve also updated our policies to indicate that ads must not be placed where objects may interfere with the user's typical interaction with the ad or app, such as under the home screen indicator on the iPhone X.

Please review these policy updates and our suggested implementation guide to ensure you’re compliant by November 20th.

If you have any questions, visit the AdMob Help Center or contact your Google account team.

Posted by Pablo Alvarez, Product Manager, AdMob